Philanthropy Reconsidered: Future Trend

In my continuing series of articles on the subject of philanthropy, this week I am taking a look at future patterns in philanthropy based on the research of George McCully, President, Catalogue for Philanthropy in Massachusetts and author of Philanthropy Reconsidered: Personal Efforts – Public Good – Quality of Life.

Philanthropy’s Influence – Prior to the extensive use of the web, most charities did not have the ability to financially promote their company. In today’s world, non-profits can present their objective and work to potential donors and volunteers in an affordable way. However with this sort of ability, comes more accountability and transparency with an increased need by the general public for more concrete details (besides simply marketing) around organizational financials and outcomes, for instance.

Information and Knowledge Management – Given that the development of cloud computing, organizations are discovering it easier to collect and maintain bigger and increasing quantities of info that will offer charities that use it successfully with a competitive advantage. On the other side of the exact same coin, institutional and specific donors are much better able to assess non-profits beyond the restricted IRS 990 filings. Organized Philanthropy – Technology continues to offer knowledge management through the systemic accumulation of info. In today’s world, we have Guidestar, Charity Navigator, Network for Good and others that are collecting, aggregating and interpreting huge amounts of qualitative and quantitative information and supplying it to the public. Philanthropy is becoming increasingly more professional and strategic.

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